Of the region’s 83 million voters 61 million are against immigration, reveals a Nézőpont Intézet survey conducted in nine Central European countries.

Perceptions about George Soros in the region show similar tendencies with over 30 million people having a negative and only 14 million having a positive opinion of the US businessman of Hungarian origin.

In recent weeks there has been a debate between Hungary and the EC concerning immigration, so it is important to know where Central European citizens stand on the issue. A survey conducted in nine countries such as Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria reveals that voters in the Central European region unanimously reject immigration and therefore share the Hungarian government’s position. Approximately 83 million voters live in the area, of whom 61 million think that immigration from beyond the borders of Europe is a bad. Only 16 million people think that immigration to the Continent is good. The rate of those rejecting immigration is the highest in the case of Czechia, Bulgaria and Hungary, but even in Poland, the most permissive among these countries, there are only 9 million pro-immigration voters to 22 million who oppose it.