According to a recent survey by the Nézőpont Institute, the majority of Hungarians (49 percent) believe that Viktor Orbán is the most suitable person to be the Prime Minister of Hungary. Less than a third of voters (13 percent) think that Klára Dobrev is the best choice, and an even smaller proportion (7 percent) would prefer László Toroczkai or Anna Donáth (6 percent). A quarter of left-wing voters could not name a suitable candidate.

In the past weeks, several opposition leaders, László Toroczkai, Anna Donáth and Klára Dobrev, and last weekend Viktor Orbán as well gave their annual evaluation speech. The Nézőpont Institute has examined Hungarians’ opinion of who they think is the most suitable for Prime Minister among the current potential candidates.

Half of Hungarian voters (49 percent) still consider Viktor Orbán to be the most suitable for the post of Prime Minister. Viktor Orbán is leading the race by a street length. Dobrev Klára came second on the imaginary podium with 13 percent of voters trusting her. László Toroczkai, president of Mi Hazánk, came third, with 7 percent of voters considering him the most qualified for the role. Anna Donáth came close behind him with 6 percent of the votes.

The figures provide further evidence of the opposition changing mood since last April: almost as many people believe that neither of them is the best candidate (11 percent), compared to those who voted for Dobrev, and the percentage of undecided voters is even higher than the number of those who would vote for Donáth.

An even more devastating result for the left is that more than a quarter of left-wing voters (27 percent) cannot choose between the current opposition candidates. It is a particularly bad result for the returning Anna Donáth that she has so far managed to attract only one out of ten left-wing voters (12 percent), while her main rival, Klára Dobrev, has managed to attract more than a third (37 percent) of the opposition voters. According to the results, the left-wing candidates are not primarily Viktor Orbán, but each other’s challengers.


The latest opinion-poll of the Nézőpont Institute was conducted between 13 and 15 of February, 2023, by interviewing 1,000 respondents by phone. For all surveys, the sample is representative of the adult population (18 years and older) by gender, age, region, type of settlement and education. In case of a sample size of 1000 respondents and a confidence level of 95 percent, the sampling error is ± 3.16 percent. Respondent base = Hungarian voters, respondents who are willing to vote in the elections.