Every second Hungarian (50 percent) believes that European sanctions are “more harmful to Europe” – this is revealed by the current research of the Nézőpont Institute. Only a quarter of that, one in eight respondents (12 percent) think that the victim of the Brussels sanctions is “rather Russia”.

To the question whether “sanctions hurt Europe more, or Russia more,” the absolute majority of respondents (50 percent) answered that sanctions hurt Europe more, and only 12 percent said Russia. According to a third of the voters (32 percent), both parties are equally harmed by the restrictive measures.

A significant division can be discovered among the voters of the left: approximately half of them think that the sanctions will harm Europe (24 percent) rather than Russia (28 percent), while 43 percent of them think that both sides will suffer from them equally. According to seven out of ten pro-government voters, the sanctions are more harmful to Europe, while only 2 percent think that restrictive measures are more severe for Russia, and 23 percent think that the sanctions policy is equally harmful to both.



The latest poll of the Nézőpont Institute was conducted between 3 and 5 of October, 2022, by interviewing 1,000 respondents by phone. For all surveys, the sample is representative of the adult population (18 years and older); the sampling error is ± 3.16 percent. Respondent base = Hungarian voters.